Stingray sync

Do you use Dolphin Management and Dolphin Imaging for your orthodontics practice? If you have multiple locations, you know it can be cumbersome to sync patient images across multiple locations without headache. Stingray Sync provides realtime image syncing of your patient images to your main database so they can easily be accessible within Dolphin Management and Dolphin Imaging in real time to your staff at all of your locations!

Stingray Sync is customized to your orthodontics practice and runs automatically in the background with nothing to launch or maintain after it is setup.


get stingray sync in your practice

Get Stingray Sync for your orthodontics practice! Just sign up using the form and a Kaizen IT Group Stingray Sync Specialist will reach out to you to get Stingray Sync installed and configured to sync your images in realtime to your patient database.

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