Stingray Backup

Do you need complete peace of mind for your medical practice's patient data and EMR? Stingray Backup is designed for the medical community to backup computers, servers and more.

Our backup solution is fully customizable and allows you to backup locally and to the cloud in one centralized and managed platform.

Need to restore? That's easy too! With Stingray Sync you even have the option to restore your server to Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, giving you minimal downtime should a server disaster strike.

Stingray Backup is customized fully to your medical practice and monitored daily by Kaizen IT Group, ensuring that your data is always being backed up and remains safe and secure with the latest technology in encryption methods. Many doctors want the peace of mind knowing their data is being backed up so we also include at no extra cost, the option for the doctor or office manager to be notified of the backup performance each day. 


Try stingray backup in your practice

Try Stingray Backup Risk-Free for 30 Days for your medical practice! Just sign up using the form and a Kaizen IT Group Stingray Backup Specialist will reach out to you to get Stingray Backup installed and configured to backup your servers and/or computers.

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